Humidity/Temperature Sensors from IST

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Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) AG

Hygrochip Series digital humidity sensors from Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) AG, Wattwil, Switzerland, combine a capacitive humidity sensor element with an ASIC and deliver RH and temperature measurements over an I2C-compatible interface. The series includes the HYT-271, HYT-221, HYT-939 that feature measuring ranges of 0%–100% RH and –40°C to 125°C; ±1.8% RH and ±0.2°C accuracy; and stability in high humidity. The HYT-939 can also withstand pressures up to 16 bar. Applications include handheld measurement instruments, HVAC, metrology, medical devices, industrial drying systems, and agriculture, depending on the device.

Contact Info

Company: Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) AG
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 71-987-73-73
Fax: +41 71-987-73-77

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