Hubbell Building Automation Launches The World's Most Advanced, Yet Easy To Use, Street Light Control System—wiSCAPE

GREENVILLE, SC -- Hubbell Lighting announces a state-of-the-art wireless lighting control solution for new and existing street lights--Hubbell Building Automation's (HBA) wiSCAPE™. Using a combination of universal street light modules and connecting gateways, wiSCAPE™ creates a sophisticated and secure wireless control network for maximum energy savings and intuitive asset management.

Street lights make roads safer, public areas more inviting and city centers, businesses and homes more secure. That said, it also accounts for nearly 40 percent of a city's electrical spending. As municipalities search for ways to become more energy efficient, leaders are looking to reduce overall energy use, light streets based on activity level, pay for actual energy consumed and minimize light pollution—all without raising electricity prices or taxes. HBA's wiSCAPE™ accomplishes each of these objectives and more. Just imagine if all of the nation's 52.6 million street lights were automated, the estimated energy savings would provide enough electricity to power 1.5 million homes each year. [1]

HBA's wiSCAPE™ fixture modules are installed directly in any street light and don't require the running of new wires or relay panels, and the system works with a wide variety of lighting sources including: LED, induction, MH-HPS-LPS, incandescent, halogen, and plasma. Utilizing a secure peer-to-peer, self-organizing and self-healing mesh network infrastructure, wiSCAPE™ allows users to manage, monitor and meter each individual streetlight with the click of a mouse. With dimming, scheduling and motion detection features, wiSCAPE™ significantly reduces energy costs while minimizing light pollution.

Seamlessly melding the network together, HBA's wiSCAPE™ Gateway is used to combine up to 1,000 wiSCAPE™ fixture modules into a single wireless network. Using the robust 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) radio band, the wiSCAPE™ Gateway wireless control technology adapts easily to complex automation situations for quick, simple and economical commissioning and operation.

HBA wiSCAPE™ modules are supported by wiSCAPE View - the graphical system management software platform that gives users the ability to remotely access multiple wiSCAPE™ Gateways individually from one location. Equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface with map and satellite views, wiSCAPE View™ features real-time control status, alarms and metering capabilities including burned lamp notifications, over/under voltage, cycling, and low power factor. There is even a wiSCAPE app for iPod®, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, and other Smartphone devices.

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