INDIANAPOLIS – Horner APG unveils the latest unit in their leading XL seires of All-in-One cpontrollers: the EXL6 OCS Controller, offering enhanced resolution, and faster logic execution than the previous XL6 OCS Controller, partnered with the ease-of-use and functionality of its predecessors.

“We’re trying to improve upon what is currently in the market,” said Phil Horner, CEO Horner APG. “In doing so, we started with what we already have to offer, and made it better, creating the EXL6 controller.”

The EXL6 OCS controller is an evolution of the historically popular XL6e controller; known for its comparable size, color touchscreen and versatility. Building from the XL6e’s proven foundation, the EXL6 makes several enhancements to the overall design of this mid-range OCS controller offered by Horner such as:

Improved resolution on the 5.7” VGA color touchscreen at 640 x 480 pixels,
Faster logic execution with a scan rate of 0.013 mS/K (about twice the speed as the XL6e)
The addition of an active serial port resulting in three ports total

Utilizing the current Cscape 9.6, Service Pack 4 and the latest revision of Firmware 14.12 (also released today), the resolution and graphics on the EXL6 are more comprehensive and enhanced than on previous models. Along with better resolution and faster logic execution, the EXL6 also sees improvements in the overall screen response time – making screen transitions and overall application functions more streamlined and efficient.

“The new EXL6 OCS controller is going to make headway among competitors,” said Horner. “With the size and price of an average mid-line piece of hardware, but reinforced with the interfaces, programming, and capabilities of top-of-the-line systems, the EXL6 is going to turn heads and improve operations.”

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