High-Voltage Power Supply Series from UltraVolt

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UltraVolt Inc.

UltraVolt Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY, introduces the RS series, expanding its proportional MicroSize high-voltage power supply modules. The series provides rail supply DC to DC high-voltage power supply with 12 models from ±50 VDC to ±700 VDC fixed output or adjustable over a 50% to 100% range. Using an output center tap isolated to ±2.5 kV, designers can optimize bias voltage. The series includes the rail supply application, a bipolar power supply for powering HV amplifier and pulse generator applications. The units also offer 0.0 W to 10 W output power in <2 in.3.

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Company: UltraVolt Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 631-471-4444

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