High-Speed DA System from IOtech

High-Speed DA System from IOtech
IOtech, Inc.
The WaveBook/516E from IOtech Inc., Cleveland, OH, is for dynamic measurements, such as sound and vibration, and transfers data acquired at 1 Msps, in real time, to a PC via an Ethernet connection. Features include a 16-bit, 1 MHz ADC with 8 built-in analog input channels, expandable to 288 with multiple synchronized WaveBooks. A DSP calibrates all the readings in real time before transferring them to the PC. A 16-bit digital input port reads digital inputs in sync with the analog inputs. Other features include triggering and clocking options and signal conditioning options. Software is included.

Contact Info

Company: IOtech, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-714-3272/440-439-4091
Fax: 440-439-4093

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