High-Speed Camera from Photron

High-Speed Camera from Photron
Photron Inc.

The Fastcam MC1 from Photron Inc., San Diego, CA, is a high-speed camera designed for production line fault-finding and process control. The 35 mm cube remote head camera delivers 2000 frames/s at full resolution and up to 10,000 frames/s at reduced resolution. The camera head can withstand up to 100 G and connects to a compact processor unit via a flexible, shielded 7 m camera cable. You can choose between 2 s (1 GB) or 4 s (2 GB) recording times at 2000 frames/s and 8 s (1 GB) or 16 s (2 GB) at 500 frames/s. Other features includes buttons on the front panel, Fastcam Viewer software, and a Gigabit Ethernet connector.

Contact Info

Company: Photron Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-585-2129
Fax: 858-684-3558

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