High-Sensitivity X-Ray Camera from Rad-icon

High-Sensitivity X-Ray Camera from Rad-icon
Rad-icon Imaging Corp.

The Shad-o-Box HS from Rad-icon Imaging Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a high-sensitivity/high-speed standalone X-ray camera with a 12-bit digital interface for direct connection to a frame grabber. The camera is designed for real-time radiography applications and has a speed of up to 20 frames/s. The 512 by 512 pixel 2D CMOS photodiode array sensor provides a 2 in. active image sensing area for applications from 10–160 kV. A Gd2O2S scintillator screen in contact with the photodiode array converts incident X-ray photons to visible light which is then detected by the photodiodes.

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Company: Rad-icon Imaging Corp.
Phone number: 408-486-0886
Fax: 408-486-0882

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