High Power Digital I/O Boards from ICSDataCom

High Power Digital I/O Boards from ICSDataCom

The ME8200 Series digital I/O cards from ICSDataCom, Pleasanton, CA, provide 16 high-power outputs and 16 high-voltage inputs for PC-based test systems. The isolated outputs can drive 3–45 V loads and source up to 700 mA/channel. The isolated inputs accept 3.3–45 V inputs and incorporate transient protection. Both inputs and outputs have 500 V of isolation from the PC ground; 16 general-purpose TTL lines are 2 bidirectional 8-bit ports and can be independently used as latched outputs or as gated inputs. Short circuit protection is included as is the ability to interrupt the PC if a short circuit or overload condition is detected. Typical applications include interfacing digital devices, operating relays, or solenoids or testing digital devices.

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Company: ICSDataCom
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-952-4499
Fax: 925-416-0105

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