Heidenhain Improves Metrology Software

SCHAUMBURG, IL /Marketwired/ -- Heidenhain Corp.'s latest version of the PC-based QUADRA-CHEK metrology software provides advanced functionality for quality-control inspection measurement machines. Named the QUADRA-CHEK IK 5000, this release of version 3.0.0 software has made a number of improvements that make it possible to conveniently perform 2D and 3D measuring tasks in the field of metrology, bringing both newer technology and retrofit ability to users.

This powerful IK 5000 inspection package builds upon Heidenhain's quality and the original Metronics QUADRA-CHECK QC5000 software by introducing the ability to run on Windows 7 64-bit operating systems and adding support for a new Analog Frame Grabber DALSA PC2 express card as a successor to the original DALSA Bandit 2 frame grabber. The new DALSA PC2 will provide analog video edge detection tools and images on Windows XP and Window 7 PCs. For users of digital cameras, Heidenhain uses the output of a camera hardware trigger to synchronize axis position with the image. Access to the video properties menu is no longer hidden and is now available to the user interface. This offers the ability to direct the required parameters to the DirectShow Windows interface.

CMM users can use the 3D profiling capabilities that offer measurement and graphic evaluation of 3D contours, using multi-sensor and tactile measuring machines. This option, used for profile measurements, is capable of importing a 3D CAD file (either STEP or IGES) and comparing it with an actual measured part. Improvements were also introduced in the 3D profile feature for probing points perpendicular to the surface on DCC CMMs. Support for setting up two-, four-, and six-bay probe racks is also now available.

In response to requests for additional functionality and improvements, Heidenhain added about 30 new functions and 40 improvements to IK 5000 version 3.0.0. Some of these additions include support of ISO 286-2 tolerances, importing measured points into a 2D profile within a part program, measurement of rectangular-shaped features, and the Portuguese language option.

About Heidenhain
Heidenhain Corp. is the North American subsidiary of Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. Our product line includes linear scales, rotary and angular encoders, digital readouts, digital length gages, CNC controls, and machine inspection equipment.

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