HDMI Module Fixes 4K/18G Video Installations

Key Digital’s KD-FIX418 is a compact HDMI correction device for 18G HDMI video signals. The unit resolves common HDMI integration obstacles related to HDCP, EDID, Hot Plug Detection, and bandwidth. Units may be paired to compress and decompress 18-Gbps video signals and extend legacy 10.2-Gbps cabling, or high-equalization may be applied on the HDMI input for repair of degraded incoming signals. 


The KD-FIX418 provides diverse modes to fix 18G HDMI video signal problems. In down-convert mode, the unit accepts an incoming 18G signal and down-converts into a 10G signal for integration into an existing matrix or video distribution system. Another mode compresses 18G signals for extension over a long HDMI cable and then decompresses the signal in a second KD-FIX418 unit installed near the display. With compression and decompressed modes selected, 18G signal can be sent over existing infrastructure and still be displayed at 18G. Lastly, it also has high-input boost to clear up any issues with artifacts on the display such as lost pixels or flickering. The different modes are selected using a small rotary switch located next to the HDMI connecter on the unit.

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Application development in the mmWave frequencies is growing. Broadband testing over hundreds of GHz of bandwidth is subject to repeatability/accuracy deficits, and engineers demand solutions to help overcome challenges and simplify mmWave testing.


The KD-FIX418 works with HDMI cabling for extension of 4K/UHD signals with HDR10 up to 75 ft. / 23m in or out, and offers 4K/UHD support for 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160 at 24/25/30/60 Hz at 4:4:4 (up to 18Gbps bandwidth). For more details, peruse the datasheet and manual.

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