HDK Accelerates AI Endpoint Development

QuickLogic’s Merced EOS S3AI Hardware Development Kit (HDK) enables quick development of applications for endpoint Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The HDK is an evaluation platform for QuickLogic's EOS S3AI SoC and includes continuous (time-series) sensors accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and two digital microphones (PDM). It's an Arduino form-factor compatible development kit that allows developers to easily add different sensors or third-party modules to their AI designs.


The HDK links directly with the SensiML Data Analytics Toolkit, enabling a seamless flow from sensor data collection through automatic feature extraction and classifier development using integrated machine learning technology. The AI model binary file is directly programmed by the SensiML Toolkit into the EOS S3AI device on the HDK. The board can be updated via an on-board USB-2 UART connection to create demos and prototypes without additional time or resources. Additional sensors can be added to the HDK by way of the available connectors and accompanying SDK.

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For more information, peruse and absorb the Merced EOS S3AI datasheet.

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