HD Scopes Add Motor Drive Power Analyzer Software

HD Scopes Add Motor Drive Power Analyzer Software

Available for the company’s HDO8000 high-definition oscilloscopes, three-phase Motor Drive Power Analyzer software enables the instruments to easily and quickly validate and debug a complete drive system. The HDO8000 oscilloscope with Motor Drive Power Analyzer software permits waveform captures from the drive power section, individual power transistors, and embedded control system. The pairing also performs coincident three-phase power analysis of the power section waveforms in one high-performance instrument, enabling debug and analysis of all aspects of the complete motor drive.

The software relies on an intuitive, graphical user interface that provides setup/connection guidance. Setup capability is provided for any combination of single-phase or three-phase drive input/output, and supports both two- and three-wattmeter calculation methods and a line-line to line-neutral voltage conversion.

Additionally, the software permits simple integration of nearly any type of speed, rotation or position sensor, including analog and digital (pulse) tachometers, Brushless DC (BLDC) Hall sensor, Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI), and Resolvers. Hall sensor and QEI signals can also be integrated through digital inputs, preserving valuable analog input channels for other signals.

Available for all HDO8000 oscilloscope models (350 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz), the Motor Drive Power Analyzer software will sell for $5,000. Beta versions will be available in October, with product shipments scheduled for January 2014.

Teledyne LeCroy
Chestnut Ridge, NY

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