Hanna Unveils Versatile Laboratory Meter

WOONSOCKET, RI /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Hanna Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce the release of edge, a full-featured, affordable laboratory meter with "revolutionary design features."

edge measures pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. It is incredibly thin and lightweight, measuring only 0.5 in. thick and weighing just 9 oz., blending elements of portable meters and bench top meters into a seamless design. This versatile design allows customers to use edge as a bench top meter, a portable meter, or even attached to a wall to free up valuable bench space in a laboratory.

In addition to its thin, lightweight design, edge features a large 5.5 in. LCD, with a wide viewing angle, capacitive touch keypad, dual USB ports, cradle with swivel arm electrode holder, and a wall mount.

edge works with digital smart electrodes. These electrodes are nearly as advanced as the meter itself, featuring a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, ID, and calibration information that is automatically retrieved by edge once the electrode is plugged in. The electrodes have a 3.5 mm connector, so customers don't have to worry about alignment and pins bending or breaking.

"edge is Hanna's most advanced innovation in analytical science to date," said Paul Fabsits, Vice President of Global Business Development for Hanna Instruments. "Through the years, Hanna has been a leader in analytical instrumentation, developing the first pHep, which brought pH measurement technology at an affordable price to millions of users and introducing the first handheld colorimeters and application-specific titrators. Now everyone can afford a fully featured meter that can measure pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. The best part besides the features is the design. Our engineers have been able to take advantage of the latest electronic components to design the most versatile, lightweight meter of its kind."

edge will be officially launched at ILMAC 2013 in Basel, Switzerland, September 24th. Attendees can get a first look at edge and other Hanna products at the Hanna Instruments booth, number F78.

Hanna's new edge is available through any of our 42 international sales offices. These offices provide Hanna customers with local service, support, and training and are part of Hanna's goal to provide an exceptional customer experience.

About Hanna
Hanna Instruments Inc. is the "world's largest privately held manufacturer of electro analytical instrumentation." Since 1978, Hanna has produced practical, cost-effective devices for lab, environmental, food, and industry applications. We offer a wide array of instrumentation, from research-grade bench tops and ISE's to single and multiparameter portable meters for testing pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity, and more. Hanna has over 40 offices worldwide to ensure exceptional levels of service and support anywhere in the world.

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