Handheld DSO/DMMs from Protek

Handheld DSO/DMMs from Protek
Protek Test & Measurement

Protek Test & Measurement, Englewood, NJ, offers the 60 MHz Model 860, 40 MHz Model 840, and 20 MHz Model 820 handheld DSO/DMMs with record lengths of 125 kB and sampling rates to 200 Msps. The 40 MHz Model also features a repetitive sampling rate of 2.5 Gsps, 5 Gsps for the 60 MHz Model. The dual-channel devices can capture high-speed glitches and analyze digital and analog signals. Features include built-in FFT, 4 math functions, zoom, 20 automatic waveform measurements, and a USB interface. The devices also function as auto-ranging 6000-count true RMS DMMs with 600 V Category III ratings and 600 A current capability. USB host port Flash memory is optional.

Contact Info

Company: Protek Test & Measurement
Phone number: 201-227-1161
Fax: 201-227-1169

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