Grupo Hemas and Savi to Expand Collaboration

MOUNTAIN VIEW and SACRAMENTO, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Mexico-based Grupo Hemas, in response to growing customer demand for logistics and security services in the U.S., is teaming up with Savi Networks to provide real-time intelligence and responsiveness to cargo shipments. The two companies, who are already partnered in Mexico, are expanding their combined offering in the U.S. through Hemi-Group, headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

Hemi-Group will augment the personalized logistics security system of Hemispheria with the SaviTrak intelligence service, which leverages GPS, environmental sensors, and existing cellular infrastructure to automatically monitor the location, security status, and condition of shipments. As a result, customers in the U.S. and beyond will be able to improve cargo tracking, operational efficiency, and inventory management while the Hemi-Group monitoring team will get immediate notification of security breaches and can take rapid action to interdict.

"The fact of the matter is that few companies, no matter where they're shipping, truly know where their cargo is or its level of security at any given moment," said Martin Keegan, Chief Executive Officer of Hemi-Group. "With 24/7 cargo monitoring by our command center experts, who are now armed with real-time intelligence, Hemi-Group brings affordable rates for new levels of on-time delivery and security at a time of rising cargo theft.

"The Wall Street Journal reported a 67% increase in cargo theft in the last year alone. People are looking for a silver bullet to solve security problems, and although there may be no silver bullet, what we offer is the closest thing to it on the market today," added Keegan, who emphasized Hemi-Group's reliance on "real-time action and reaction systems, close collaboration with law enforcement, and enthusiastic, dynamic people looking after our customers' cargo. You don't want to trust your cargo security to beginners. Through Hemispheria, we have unique know-how to provide complete location, security, and environmental visibility of cargo anywhere and anytime."

"We're pleased to strengthen our relationship with Grupo Hemas by expanding our joint offering with them from Mexico into the United States and internationally through Hemi-Group," said Neil Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Savi Networks. "With the combination of Hemi-Group's dynamic expertise and Savi Networks' 21st century intelligence services, we can deliver quick and lasting benefits to our customers' supply chain operations."

With a vision to exceed every customer's security and logistics expectations, Hemi-Group offers competitive pricing suited to the individual needs of a full range of companies.

About Hemi-Group
Hemi-Group has a joint venture agreement with Grupo Hemas to provide logistics solutions to a broad set of customers, primarily in the U.S. but also internationally. Within its portfolio of solutions, Hemi-Group offers a unique service called Hemaspheria, which satisfies the logistics and security needs of shippers transporting cargo throughout Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world. With Hemaspheria, you always know where your cargo is and its condition via our Command Center, which is staffed with highly trained specialists who interdict if an incident occurs while the cargo is en route. The service is supported with advanced devices and a state-of-the-art technology platform, which provides unprecedented confidence to customers.

About Savi
Savi Networks was founded to improve the efficiency and security of global trade. SaviTrak is an intelligence service that uses reliable wireless shipment monitoring technology to provide shippers, logistics service providers, and terminal operators with easily accessible, precise, and actionable information. Savi Networks is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Hutchison Port Holdings.