GreenCell Enters World of Nanotechnology

PENN YAN, NY /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ -- GreenCell Inc. announced that it has entered the world of nano-technology through a purchase of particle grinding technology that can produce pure materials in the nano-particle scale range. This technology is a match to GreenCell's capability of measuring particles through this small laser particle analysis and surface-area analysis. The ability to produce technical grade ceramics with engineered properties on the nano-scale is important in achieving the right mix of targeted properties to igniters, sensors, and fuel cell components.

Dan Valladao, "We are excited to continue expanding our technology base which will ensure our products are of the utmost quality."

About GreenCell
GreenCell Inc. is engaged in a joint venture with SenCer Inc. to develop, commercialize, and market SenCer's UltraTemp ceramic composite materials for home and transportation applications. GreenCell has identified multiple industries with significant commercial applications, with potential revolutionary results. Some of the many applications for this technology are SOFC fuel cells, igniters, braking, oxygen sensors, and ceramic heaters.

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