GPS Tracking Software Gets A Major Update

(Rewire Security, UK, major update, GPS Tracking software)

Rewire Security, GPS Tracking systems supplier in the UK, announces a major update to its GPS Tracking software. GPSLive allows users to keep an eye on vehicles and assets 24/7. GPSLive can be used for viewing the real-time location of people, assets and vehicles using nothing but a PC, smartphone, or a tablet.


The update includes added features such as trip log, detailed usage reports, alerts, and a user-friendly interface. The latest Trip Log feature allows businesses to identify the mileage of their drivers and tag them between Business and Personal usage, thus creating a complete record of all their tax-deductible and reimbursable mileage. The updated interface makes it easier to set up alarms for events such as speeding, idling, and harsh braking. Alarms enable businesses to identify their drivers with risky driving habits and take necessary precautions. For more insights and tracking features, visit Rewire Security.