Gotta’ Go? App Tells You Where

Yes, there’s no doubt that technology is moving faster every day. There’s just about no aspect of human life that technology has not invaded, perfected, infected, and reflected.


Just when you thought we’ve gone as far, or as much, as we can, another little tech load is dropped upon us. However, the following bit of tech can be quite useful in terms of avoiding accidents and keeping clothing and the environment a bit cleaner.

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What It Does


Recently launched in (where else?) San Francisco, the Good2Go app comes to the rescue of those who, on occasion, find themselves in the grip of nature’s call, but not having quick access to a natural place to heed and relieve said call. The app is the first that locates and grants access to modern, safe, hi-tech restrooms at retail partners.


Fran Heller, founder and CEO of Good2Go beams, “At Good2Go, we believe that technology can serve people's everyday needs. What could be a more everyday need than finding and accessing a restroom, yet the consumer is left without a reliable or safe solution, until now.”


With the Good2Go app, locate a restroom, join a virtual queue, and unlock the restroom door through their smartphones. More often than not, retailers, coffee shops, and cafes often have customer restrooms but have recurring challenges authorizing access and managing lines.  Good2Go delivers turnkey, hi-tech, restroom renovations with minimal operational disruption.


Going Potty Is Good Business


If you think about it, this app is not only good for personal relief, but is good business for the establishment that sign-on as restroom providers. It provides new opportunities for retailers in that a Good2Go subscription model increases foot traffic in the retailers’ establishments. For refreshment vendors, you figure people coming in and empty out; they may want to fill up a little before they hit the streets again.


Where To Go


Good2Go restrooms can be found throughout San Francisco at several Peet's Coffee locations, Sextant Coffee Roasters, The Creamery, Rigolo Cafe and will soon be available at Stanza Coffee, Church Street Cafe, Café La Boheme, Fifty-Fifty Café, and others.

Do Starbuck’s patrons have to hold it? Locations in New York are expected to open up in 2018. A video demo of the app is available.




Available for iOS at the Apple App Store, Good2Go is offering a free trial subscription for a limited time. Android users will just have to hold it for a while. The company is working on it; relief is coming soon, maybe October. For more details and how to partner with Good2Go, call (415) 650-0003 or contact the company via email or visit Good2Go. Hopefully, everything will come out okay.


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