Gladiator Debuts G200 Dual Axis Gyro

 σSNOQUALMIE, WA /PRNewswire/ -- Gladiator Technologies announced the release of its improved G200 dual-axis gyro. This enhanced model builds upon the successful heritage of the company's predecessor gyros, including the G50Z and G100Z. The analog output X and Y axis gyro offers a small form factor and low power consumption, with exceptional performance in a durable package to perform even in the most rugged environments.

The G200 is the latest addition to our family of analog output gyros and accelerometers offering best-in-class noise and bias, with exceptional performance over temperature, low misalignment, and g-sensitivity. The G200 dual axis gyro has many advanced performance features, including:

  • Ultra-low gyro noise 0.002°/s/√Hz
  • Short-term gyro bias 4°/hr 1 σ
  • Bias over temperature ≤ 0.1°/sec 1 σ
  • Axis misalignment < 4mrad 1 σ
  • G-Sensitivity <0.005°/s/g 1 σ
  • Ultra low power < 10 mA typical
  • Bipolar output signal
  • Light weight 18 g
  • Low voltage 5 V (single-sided power)
  • Bandwidth 200 Hz
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Voltage output
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Self test
  • Shock Resistant 500 g
  • Vibration 6 gRMS
  • High MTBF
  • Export ECCN 7 A994 (NLR)
  • Link to datasheet, data & images

Gladiator's CEO, Mark Chamberlain, remarked, "Gladiator Technologies' high-performance and ultra-low noise gyros offer exceptional bias over temperature performance, with rugged durability. The improved G200 enables dual axis on-gimbal pitch and roll stabilization in very small applications, with demanding environmental and performance requirements. In addition, it has a simple analog output." Chamberlain added, "The G200 is the latest in a series of new high-performance ultra-low-noise MEMS products that we will soon bring to market early next year. We are excited about our emerging technology and products and to be a leader in the high-performance MEMS inertial market."

About Gladiator
Gladiator Technologies uses state-of-the-art design tools and manufacturing processes, including fully automated environmental and temperature testing and proprietary calibration methods for environmental performance optimization. A comprehensive ERP system combined with lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques has enabled high-volume production at low cost and high quality. Gladiator's quality system is certified to AS9100C/ISO9001:2008.

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