GigE Vision Software from Pleora Technologies

Pleora Technologies

Pleora Technologies, Kanata, ON, Canada, offers the eBUS driver and PureGEV suites for all GigE Vision-compatible products, including cameras not based on the company's iPORT IP engines. The eBUS drivers optimize the performance of GigE Vision-based applications by making most CPU resources in the PC available for image processing and display tasks rather than data transfer. The eBUS-PureGEV software package accommodates all image sources, even in multivendor, multicamera systems. The package includes the eBUS universal driver, eBUS Optimal Driver for applications with very high data rates and heavy processing overhead, and the iPORT PureGEV Suite that lets you develop your own application.

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Company: Pleora Technologies
Phone number: 613-270-0625
Fax: 613-270-1425

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