GigE Vision Cameras from Framos

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Framos Electronics Ltd.

Framos Electronics Ltd., Camberley, U.K., offers the Smartek Giganetix Series of GigE Vision cameras for demanding machine vision applications. The cameras have fully GigE Vision compliant hardware and driver interfaces, a compact 35 by 35 mm housing, and offer high image quality with minimal thermal noise, low power consumption, and a comprehensive feature set combined with a selection of Aptina CMOS and Sony CCD image sensors. Trigger latency is ~2 µs for synchronization of camera arrays with strobe illumination. Other features include up to 14 bits/pixel A/D conversion, optoisolated inputs and outputs, full plug-and-play capability for camera attachment via an Ethernet network, and GigE Vision and GeniCam compliant hardware and software.

Contact Info

Company: Framos Electronics Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1276-404-143

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