Gigabit Ethernet Camera from Audio Video Supply

Gigabit Ethernet Camera from Audio Video Supply
Audio Video Supply Inc.

The CS6910G from Audio Video Supply Inc., San Diego, CA, is a Gigabit Ethernet industrial color camera that conforms to AIA GigE Vision protocol. Compatible with standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware, ports, and cables, the camera streams noncompressed RGB 24-bit color video at up to 30 frames/s at 1280 by 960 resolution over Cat-5e cabling to a host PC positioned up to 300 ft. away. The Honeycomb Super CCD delivers greater horizontal/vertical resolution than conventional CCDs along with improved sensitivity, SNR, and dynamic range. Applications include high-speed inspection, factory automation, machine vision, intelligent traffic systems, and robotics.

Contact Info

Company: Audio Video Supply Inc.
Phone number: 800-284-2288
Fax: 858-565-7845

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