GENTAG Gets Smart Skin Patch Patent Extension

WASHINGTON /PRNewswire/ -- GENTAG Inc., the U.S.-based owner of a growing portfolio of significant IP immediately applicable for many aspects of the Internet of Everything (IoE) using cell phones, announces the extension of its patent portfolio to Canada with the issuance of Patent CA2554007 "Diagnostic Radio Frequency Identification Sensors and Applications Thereof."

The Internet of Everything, whereby just about every human and everything on earth is wirelessly connected, is upon us, according to most experts, some of whom estimate the market potential to be in the trillions of dollars.

GENTAG's IP portfolio, which anticipated the IoE as well as the deployment of Near Field Communication (NFC) in cell phones, includes 13 issued patents and a further 90 patents in the pipeline, with patents filed as early as 1997 and covering the U.S., Japan, China, Korea, Canada, and Europe.

"Our vision includes a new, disruptive ecosystem anchored by low-cost, disposable wireless sensor solutions for medical diagnostics and, ultimately, drug delivery, via smart skin patches," says GENTAG founder John P. Peeters. "Our deep portfolio of patented NFC sensor technologies allows us to create ultra-thin battery-less diagnostic skin patches and custom IoE sensors for cell phones or tablets."

"We are in discussions with world-class sensor manufacturers, medical institutions, skin-patch suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers, and phone carriers to achieve that goal."

"Properly deployed, our technologies can bring hospital discharge kits into the digital age, transform medication adherence, and create disposable wireless diagnostic tests for virtually any application or market," says Peeters.

"We believe that NFC cell phones combined with customized sensors will be key components of the Internet of Everything and that our early patents and proprietary technologies will form the basis for the next generation of wireless consumer products and services."

For more information, contact GENTAG at [email protected].

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