Gen-3 DAQ System Streams To The Cloud

Algo-Logic Systems’ third-generation Black Diamond Rackmount (BDR-3) measurement and monitoring system collects data from synchronized analog channels and processes the data with state-of-the-art field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology.  The BDR-3 acquires data from all types of analog sensors to record temperature, motion (acceleration), pressure (air, water), power (current, voltage), and more by recording 15 precisely synchronized channels with 24-bit resolution.  The system includes an advanced tenth-order filter to eliminate noise from signals. It connects to a real-time Key Value Store (KVS) and to AlgoCentral cloud to provide real-time data analytics, processing, and graphing. 


AlgoCentral, provides secure, cloud-based, real-time data for mining, analytics, inference, and visualization services on demand.  It also notifies users via alerts when critical events of interest occur.  General features include:

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  • Available analog sensors: Acceleration, tilt, mass-flow, optical, piezo, temperature, torque, chemical, electric current, electric potential, magnetic, moisture, humidity, fluid velocity, position, angle, strain, speed, pressure, force, density, fluid level, proximity.
  • System Precision: Analog inputs with 24bit resolution sampled with GPS time stamping and disciplined oscillator
  • •New features: Digital signal processing with 10th order reconfigurable filtering using Xilinx Zynq FPGA, redundant storage, 1U formfactor, dual mode operation for Key Value Store (KVS) and stream recording.
  • AlgoCentral Cloud Connectivity: Secure, real-time access to data for mining, charting, trend analysis, real-time analytics and alerting.    

For more info, checkout the BDR-3 product page and download the BDR-3 datasheet. Also email Algo-Logic Systems at [email protected] or call 408-707-3747.

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