Gas Flow Ratio Controller from MKS Instruments

Gas Flow Ratio Controller from MKS Instruments
MKS Instruments Inc.

The Delta II from MKS Instruments Inc., Wilmington, MA, measures, divides, and controls user-specific ratios of mixed gas flows to multiple zones or chambers. Dynamic ratio control range is 20:1. Features include faster gas flow response for shorter cycle times and increased throughput, diagnostics accessible through an embedded Ethernet interface, and a digital control loop that maintains ratio control independent of the process gas mix and changes in the input gas flows. You can access the diagnostics via a Web browser, allowing you to monitor device functionality without removing the controller or breaking the process gas lines.

Contact Info

Company: MKS Instruments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-645-5500
Fax: 978-557-5100

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