Gas Detection System from Sensor Electronics

Gas Detection System from Sensor Electronics
Sensor Electronics Corp.

Sensor Electronics Corp., Minneapolis, MN, offers a system that couples an SEC 3000 toxic gas sensor with an SEC 3100 transmitter to provide toxic gas monitoring for semiconductor production areas. The transmitter incorporates a plug-in memory stick that logs a permanent record of actual gas levels, remembering times, concentrations, trouble signals, and service interruptions and can be used to download data to a computer for retrieval and analysis. The transmitter's display shows actual gas levels and color-coded LEDs to reflect gas concentrations and warn of troubles. At a setpoint, integral relays can trigger alarms, turn on supply/exhaust fans, and shut down lines.

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Company: Sensor Electronics Corp.
Phone number: 800-285-3651
Fax: 952-938-9817

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