Galil Introduces RIO-47300 Pocket PLC

ROCKLIN, CA -- Galil Motion Control, the industry leader in motion control technology, is announcing the latest product in their RIO Pocket PLC Series. The new RIO-47300 includes more I/O, screw terminals and two Ethernet ports which allow management of an unlimited number of inputs and outputs without an external Ethernet switch.

On the market for five years, Galil's RIO Pocket PLC series provides a compact and intelligent solution for programmable I/O control. "The introduction of additional inputs and outputs on the RIO-47300, coupled with our daisy-chain capability through the embedded Ethernet ports provides customers with a high performance, cost effective solution for distributed applications with unlimited I/O," said Ann Keffer, director of marketing for Galil Motion Control, Inc.

Digital inputs and outputs on the RIO-47300 are increased from 16 to 24 each for a total of 48 optically isolated digital I/O. The RIO-47300 is an intelligent input and output controller that uses a powerful RISC processor for fast handling of I/O & logic. The RIO allows 400 program lines, 254 variables, 1000 array elements, 6 PID control loops and 5 Ethernet handles. Other standard features include PID process control loops, timers, counters, web interface, email alerts, data-logging, and the ability to read position and temperature sensors.

The RIO controller can be programmed using Galil's easy-to-use, two-letter language which is standard for all of Galil's motion and I/O controllers. Software is also available for converting a Relay Ladder Logic program (often used by PLC programmers) into code for input into the RIO controller.

The RIO-47300 has screw terminals for quick and easy prototyping and measures 10.8 in. x 4.7 in. with DIN tray. The RIO receives power from an external supply of 18–36 V DC. LED indicators provide a convenient display of all digital inputs and outputs.

The RIO-47300 is $495 in single quantity and $360 in quantities of 100. It is available for delivery with standard lead time.

About Galil Motion Control
Privately held and profitable for over 100 consecutive quarters, Galil Motion Control, Inc. was founded in 1983 and was the first company to produce a microprocessor-based servo motor controller without tachometer feedback. Since then, Galil has continued to advance motion control technology and has found industry-leading acceptance with over 500,000 controllers successfully installed worldwide. Various applications include machines for industries such as medical, semiconductor, machine tool, food processing, test and measurement, and textiles. Recently, Galil has introduced their 5th generation single and multi-axis Ethernet motion controllers including the high-speed Accelera motion controllers, lower cost Econo motion controllers, and the single-axis Pocket Motion Controller series. Galil also offers the RIO Pocket PLC series for intelligent I/O control over Ethernet.

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