FXGear Expands Its Global Presence Into the US Market

LOS ANGELES, CA – FXGear announces the expansion of their core technology to the US market. FXGear technology has been used extensively in collaboration with some of the largest global IT and game companies, and major animation studios and universities around the world offering VFX software and courses.

With its recent expansion, the tech innovator will now offer a state-of-the-art physics engine for mobile apps and augmented reality technology to US consumers. The company’s research and development team continuously pursues innovative technology in developing GPU based mobile graphics engines with low power consumption, creating an efficient and unprecedented realism available for app developers.

“We have incorporated our proprietary technologies in mobile software to provide the highest quality graphics on mobile devices,” said Chang Hwan Lee, CEO of FXGear. “We are excited to expand our user base to the US mobile graphics market. FXGear offers cutting-edge computer graphics technology, with a wide range of mobile engines such as a physics engine and vector engine, allowing software graphic engineering professionals and enthusiasts alike to create graphics on the go.”

FXLinks is a physics engine for mobile devices and is currently available for licensing, integrating advanced physics-based effects optimized for the Android platform. With FXLinks, app developers can easily integrate physics-based effects such as cloth-, fluid- or particle-based effects into the user interface of mobile devices, wearable devices and home electronics. FXGear is also developing innovative retail solutions, aimed to provide a real time 3D cloth simulation and 3D avatar technology for the personalized service in fashion retail industry.

Recently awarded the Minister’s Award from South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, FXGear is a globally recognized leader of computer graphic engineering and mobile industry. The award reflects FXGear has made in research and development of top-notch computer graphics software and engines. FXGear will raise the software power and vision to the new heights in emerging 3D graphics fields such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

For more information on FXLinks and VFX software packages, visit http://www.FXGear.net

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