FreeWave Enhances Data Radio I/O Expansion

BOULDER, CO -- FreeWave Technologies, manufacturer of the "most reliable, high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission," announced a new suite of I/O expansion products to help customers achieve optimal performance, faster ROI and customization for communication networks. FreeWave's I/O expansion modules increase the degree of monitoring, control, and optimization, and offer the "most flexible and easily expandable wired and wireless I/O available in the market today. Unmatched in the marketplace, FreeWave is the only wireless data radio provider with expandable I/O devices that offer universally configurable I/O channels for analog input, analog output, digital input, digital output, and sensor power."

"Our I/O expansion products allow operators to build on existing network communications while expanding real-time performance management and condition monitoring," said Andrejs Rozitis, Product Manager at FreeWave. "With our stackable I/O expansion module, customers not only benefit from increased performance, but also achieve cost savings with the ability to easily add I/O points to a radio or serial base. Today, we've taken our I/O expansion one step further by allowing users to customize their networks and select the ideal number of isolated digital inputs and isolated relay digital outputs for their individual application."

The new I/O expansion modules provide faster access times for up to 192 I/O points. They also offer internal user-selectable pull-up and pull-down resistors for all nonisolated inputs to ease product installation and reduce the number of external components. Additionally, the I/O expansion products carry the same measurement accuracy of analog inputs and can snap directly onto FreeWave radios or connect to any other serial communication device, thereby leveraging customers' existing hardware investments.

The flexibility of I/O expansion allows it to be used for a variety of applications. In oil and gas, it is used for multiple well-pad applications to obtain additional data points from the wellhead, storage tanks, separator, pipeline injection, drive, and flare. In electric power, a higher concentration of I/O points in a single connection simplifies transformer monitoring and eases environmental and condition monitoring of coal ash ponds. The water/wastewater market also benefits from I/O expansion with the ability to monitor and control more variables in water towers, storage ponds, pumps, drives, lift stations, and chemical pumps.

New models and additional enhancements to FreeWave's I/O expansion family include:

    IOE-4440 Serial Base and IOEX-4440 Expansion Module—Four universal channels, four input-only channels, four isolated digital input channels, and no isolated digital output channels

    IOE-4422 Serial Base and IOEX-4422 Expansion Module—Four universal channels, four input-only channels, two isolated digital input channels, and two isolated digital output channels

    IOE-4404 Serial Base and IOEX-4404 Expansion Module—Four universal channels, four input-only channels, no isolated digital input channels, and four isolated digital output channels

"The addition of new I/O expansion models demonstrates our efforts to offer the leading I/O products in the market place," said Ashish Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at FreeWave. "Our customers are the number one priority at FreeWave, and we will continue to develop products that not only fit their needs but enable the most reliable and efficient communication networks."

The new I/O expansion products are now available for shipping. Additional information is available online or by contacting FreeWave at 866-923-6168.

About FreeWave
Founded in 1993, FreeWave Technologies manufactures the "most reliable, high performing, lowest power consumption, spread spectrum and licensed radios for mission-critical data transmission." Through engineering excellence and a relentless commitment to best-in-class manufacturing, FreeWave customers enjoy "superior radio uptime and range, and the lowest cost of ownership available." Based in Boulder, CO, FreeWave designs and manufactures radios that are the "leading choice for oil and gas, utility, military, and numerous other industrial applications." Organizations that count on radio data communications for operational success—where failure and downtime are not an option—trust FreeWave for custom network design, system engineering, and customer support unparalleled in the market. For additional information, contact FreeWave directly at 866- 399-4930 or at [email protected].

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