FMC Module Opens Its Eyes Wider

Avnet’s latest multi-camera FMC Module is described as an UltraZed-compatible device designed to help engineers more quickly and efficiently develop custom video systems using Xilinx MPSoC. In turn, users can immediately start development of their vision applications. The module expands the company’s embedded vision support for video analytics, video imaging, and surveillance, with applications for industries including automotive, defense and aerospace, embedded processing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


The FMC Module is available as a standalone component or within the Quad-Camera FMC Bundle, which also includes a cable assembly and four camera modules with GMSL serialization. The Quad Camera FMC Bundle is fully integrated to the Xilinx reVISION stack, which features development resources to help design engineers get their ideas to market faster.

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The Avnet Multi-Camera FMC module supports up to four high-definition camera modules using MAXIM Integrated GMSL (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) technology. Features include:

  • Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC Module
  • Quad GMSL Deserializer from MAXIM Integrated (MAX9286)
  • Support for four ON Semiconductor 2.3MPixel image sensors (AR0231AT)
  • High-Speed FAKRA Mini (HFM) connectors.


The Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC bundle is designed for Xilinx Zynq-UltraScale+ FMC carriers, including the ZCU102, ZCU104, as well as the Avnet UltraZed EV SOM and Carrier. The bundle features:

  • One AES-FMC-MULTICAM4-G FMC module
  • One Quad-HFM to 4x FAKRA Cable Assembly
  • Four camera modules, each composed of: ◦ A MAX96705 Serializer Kit(MARS1-MAX96705-GEVK)
  • AR0231AT Image Sensor Board(MARS1-AR0231AT7-GEVB)
  • Quick Start Card and down-loadable documentation and reference designs.


The Multi-Camera FMC Module costs $299 while the Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC Bundle is $1,699. Itching for more details and specs? Then peruse the Multi-Camera FMC Module datasheet.

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