Flow Transmitters from Universal Flow Monitors

Flow Transmitters from Universal Flow Monitors
Universal Flow Monitors Inc.

P420 Series vortex-shedding flowmeters from Universal Flow Monitors Inc., Hazel Park, MI, are plastic-construction devices for flows of water, chemicals, brine, corrosives, and low-viscosity pure liquids for water desalination, chemical, and water treatment operations. All wetted parts are PVC. Flow transmitters are available in 5 pipe sizes (0.5 in., 0.75 in., 1 in., 1.5 in., and 2 in.) with max. flowrates from 12 gpm to 200 gpm. You connect the device by solvent welding PVC pipe into the socket port provided.

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Company: Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Phone number: 248-542-9635

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