Flat Fiber-Optic Array Sensor from Contrinex

Flat Fiber-Optic Array Sensor from Contrinex
Contrinex Inc.

The LFP-1011-020 from Contrinex Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, is a multiple-beam, diffuse, flat fiber-optic array sensor to capture, count, and control small components produced by high-performance manufacturing machinery. The sensor has a 28 mm beam spread and can detect objects in any position across the area of light transmission. Sensors can be connected to the company's fiber-optic amplifiers for sensing ranges up to 150 mm; used with a 5 kHz amplifier, the sensor can detect small components passing at high speed. A blue-light emitting amplifier allows the senor to detect small black rubber components. Each multibeam head is supplied with 2 m of polymer fibers that can be cut to length to enable them to be retained and protected along the path to the amplifier.

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Company: Contrinex Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 866-289-2899
Fax: 860-388-3574

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