Flash Memory Boots Wearable Video Camera

Adesto Technologies announced that OPKIX is using its non-volatile memory in a tiny, wearable video camera, the OPKIXOne. The camera integrates seamlessly with smartphones, enabling users to instantly capture point-of-view (POV) 1080p high definition (HD) video content without removing the paired smartphone from their pocket. It is viable for applications such as coaching, medical applications, drones and e-sports. OPKIX was able to implement OmniVision’s 1080p 30fps image signal processor (ISP), said to be a crucial feature of the OPKIXOne.


Lawrence Greaves, co-founder and CEO, OPKIX, says “Since the Adesto SPI flash stores the code for the OPKIXOne ISP, it plays a key role in the camera’s performance. Adesto provided us with best-in-class support from concept to final product, and their in-depth knowledge of camera imaging components helped us realize our vision of a tiny wearable camera with fast response time and exceptional image quality.”


Adesto’s Dual / Quad products are designed with compatibility in mind. They feature industry-standard features and pin outs that can work in any new or pre-existing design. To learn more, visit Adesto

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