Flash Compatible With R-Car SoC

Western Digital’s Automotive Grade iNAND e.MMC 5.1 EFD storage solution has been verified compatible with Renesas’ R-Car automotive system-on-chips (SoCs) to enable automotive applications that require high endurance, high reliability, and a wide operating temperature range. Designed to perform with low power and across a long lifecycle, the storage solution is featured in Renesas’ R-Car Starter Kit Premier.  

Driven by data, a growing number of automotive solutions are using advanced human-machine interfaces (HMI), cognitive computing and computer vision, which require high-resolution graphics, image processing, video sensing and other advanced features. These applications require durable and reliable storage solutions that can work in harsh automotive environments with elevated temperatures, humidity and vibration for prolonged periods of time. For more information, visit Western Digital automotive and transportation solutions.


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