Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera from Land Instruments

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Land Instruments International

The FTI-E 1000 from Land Instruments, Dronfield, U.K. provides high-resolution thermal imaging with accurate temperature measurement from 600°C–3000°C. Operating over a waveband centered at 1 µm, the camera can resolve targets as small as 0.013 mm square. Dedicated software lets you capture live images and video and offers timed acquisition, a range of temperature measurements, color palette choices, and a range of alarm functions. Applications include steel concaster, boilers, cement kilns, pipe welding, glass furnaces, liquid metal, coating processes, wire mills, and semiconductor crystal growth. (In the U.S. 412-826-4444, fax 412-826-4460, [email protected],

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Company: Land Instruments International
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1246-417691

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