Five Elements Robotics Announces the Launching of Budgee

WALL, NJ. - Budgee was created by Five Elements Robotics to change the way that we think about and relate to Robots. Our goal is to integrate Robots into our everyday life. To that end, we developed Budgee. t can communicate with you and is very cute. Budgee likes being with you, it will follow you where you go. Budgee carries your stuff so you don't have to! Budgee has two target consumer markets. One is the casual user, who likes to shop, but doesn't like to carry packages. Included in this consumer market is also the parent who likes to take their children to theme parks, parks, beaches, etc., but doesn't like to carry all the stuff that goes with that activity. Budgee is portable, folding easily to fit into the back of a car. It weighs less than 20 lbs for easy lifting and storage. At the mall Budgee will follow you around carrying your items, at the theme park or other location, Budgee will do the same. This leaves your hands free for shopping and other fun activities. Budgee also comes with the ability to be driven by remote control using your smart phone or tablet (must be Bluetooth 4 compatible).

The second target consumer market is retail chains and mall management services. We feel that a fleet of Budgees would help improve retail business dramatically. For the malls, the shoppers will be able to shop longer because they will have less physical strain of carrying bags. Also they won't be limited by how much they can carry. For retail chains such as Walmart, K-Mart, Target, etc, having a fleet of Budgees will not only draw shoppers due to the novelty, but also help them with sales. Budgee can be equipped with helpful information, such as "People who bought the item you just bought also liked these items in isle 4," displaying images of the related items. It can also remind customers of sale items as they browse the isles and help them find items that they are looking for. Budgee can be equipped with a scanner and checkout capability to allow the customer to skip waiting in line all together thereby making the shopping experience more pleasurable. This may increase sales because shoppers generally have a budgeted amount of time to shop, and this would allow them to spend more time shopping in that allotted time frame. Also for safety and security, Budgee can be equipped with the ability to alert store managers if someone tries to leave without paying for the items.

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