FireWire-B Machine Vision Cameras from Toshiba Teli

FireWire-B Machine Vision Cameras from Toshiba Teli
Toshiba Teli America Inc.

Toshiba Teli America Inc., Irvine, CA, offers the FireDragon line of progressive-scan cameras that use FireWire-B for transfer rates of 800 Mbps. The cameras are available in 8 models, in both monochrome and color versions. Many deliver full-frame images up to 90 frames/s and resolutions from VGA (640 by 480) to UXGA (1600 by 1200). Monochrome output can be set for 8- or 10-bit; color output is either 24-bit RGB, YUV422, or YUV411. CCD sizes are 1/3 in., 1/2 in., 1/1.8 in., or 2/3 in. Applications include robotic vision, electronics inspection, semiconductors, and microscopy.

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Company: Toshiba Teli America Inc.
Phone number: 949-770-8354

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