Fiber-Optic Platform, Signal Conditioning from FISO

Fiber-Optic Platform, Signal Conditioning from FISO
FISO Technologies Inc.

FISO Technologies Inc., Quebec, QC, Canada, offers the FPI-HR series of fiber-optic signal conditioner modules and the EVOLUTION platform. The modules are suitable for laboratory and OEM applications and are integrated inside a housing shell with RS-232 and RS-485 ports and 0–5 V or 4–20 mA analog outputs. When combined with FISO fiber-optic sensors, the modules can reach ±0.25°C accuracy with a 20°C–40°C measuring range or ±0.4°C for a measuring range from 0°C–120°C. The EVOLUTION chassis provides a snap-in DIN rail connection for the modules' RS-485 communication port and can accept 2, 4, or 6 modules; the rackmount version can hold 7 FPI-HR modules. System setup and DA are performed via a USB connection and a remote PC running Evolution software.

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Company: FISO Technologies Inc.
Phone number: 418-688-8065

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