Fail-Safe Gyro from SensorDynamics

Fail-Safe Gyro from SensorDynamics

SensorDynamics AG, Graz-Lebring, Austria, offers the SD721 and SD751 MEMS gyros with integrated monitoring at chip and module level to make them failsafe. The devices have measurement ranges from ±10°/s to ±500°/s with resolution of 0.0039°/s/LSB, signal/noise of 0.1°/s, ±2% sensitivity error and ±0.2% F.S. linearity error (for ±100°/s range). The SD721 is supplied in an SOIC-28 package and the SD751 in an OC24 package. Monitoring circuitry encompasses both the sensor element and all analog digital blocks and alerts immediately if a parameter goes out of defined limits. Failure of the gyro is communicated to the superordinate microcontroller; the sensor can monitor the microcontroller by means of a handshake. Operating temperature range is up to 125°C.

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Company: SensorDynamics
Phone number: +49 89-5484-2220

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