Excelsior Introduces CoreBalance Technology to Reduce "Stop-The-World" Java Garbage Collection Pauses on Multi-Core Processors

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia -- Excelsior LLC ships the newest version of its flagship product, Excelsior JET 10.5, with an all-new garbage collection technology that greatly reduces so called "stop-the-world" pauses and overall memory management overheads in natively compiled Java applications run on multi-core CPUs.

Excelsior JET is a complete implementation of the Java SE technology, enhanced with an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler and deployment toolkit. Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, it helps Java application vendors protect their intellectual property and improve the end user experience.

Java applications tend to allocate lots of objects and are often heavily multithreaded. A Java memory manager must therefore be very effective and at the same time very reliable. It comes as no surprise that even the best engineering teams need years to design a new garbage collection algorithm, prove its correctness and scalability, and then create a robust and effective implementation.

"It took us nearly seven years from idea to production," said Vitaly Mikheev, Excelsior's CTO and one of CoreBalance authors. "An automatic memory manager for a language that supports threading is one of the hardest to debug pieces of software, so you'd better get it right the first time, without sacrificing performance."

The first results are encouraging: 30-40% reduction of maximum and average garbage collection pauses and overall GC overheads on the industry standard SPECjbb benchmark run on a quad-core CPU.

CoreBalance is included in Excelsior JET 10.5, Enterprise Edition, available immediately direct from Excelsior. Prices did not change since the previous release and range from $4,000 for the Windows-only version with Basic Support to $24,000 for the Premium Support bundle that covers all three major desktop platforms. For less demanding usage scenarios, prices start from $1,500 for Excelsior JET, Standard Edition for Windows with Basic Support. There is a discount program for small companies and authors of non-commercial programs are welcome to apply for free licenses.

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