EtherNet/IP to Profibus Gateway from HMS

EtherNet/IP to Profibus Gateway from HMS
HMS Industrial Networks Inc.

The EtherNet/IP to Profibus X-gateway from HMS Industrial Networks, Chicago, IL, is a standalone, configurable gateway that lets plant-floor devices on a Profibus network communicate with devices on an Ethernet/IP network and vice versa. The compact device can be DIN rail mounted, operates from a 24 V power supply, and functions as an adapter (slave) on the EtherNet/IP network and as a master on the Profibus side. It also incorporates a Web server which supports Web-based remote diagnostics and visualization and its Profibus and EtherNet/IP interfaces are fully compliant.

Contact Info

Company: HMS Industrial Networks Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 312-829-0601
Fax: 312-629-2869

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