Ether2 to Resolve Network Bandwidth Bottlenecks

SANTA CLARA, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Ether2 launched "The Q." at Fall Demo 2010. The Q. is a breakthrough network technology that eliminates bottlenecks by applying broadcasting economies to broadband communications. Like original TV and radio, The Q. enables an unlimited number of users to share the network without incurring additional overhead.

At low traffic, with a small number of users, almost any network protocol will do, and even QoS can be managed, as is the case with WiMAX. However, with a great number of competing users or with bursty traffic, the efficiency of WiFi, WiMAX, and ZigBee falls sharply, and QoS is difficult to guarantee. The Q. does this "easily" by applying appropriate scheduling criteria for any application: maximized throughput, minimized energy consumption, and guaranteed priorities for voice and video packets. Benefits also include trustworthy networking to stop network-borne malware and hacking for privacy and security.

This unique solution also provides a migration path to future network architectures, including the Internet. Immediate applications include body-area networks for wireless sensors in healthcare and the military, supporting advances in multi-antenna mesh networks.

"We are launching this as an open standard to spur adoption and grow our developer community. Companies in many countries should emerge from our designs, helping us to establish the future of the Internet," said Ether2 evangelist Jonathan Gael. "Our technology is the first open source network that is not just a software solution. There are other examples of open source hardware, like the Arduino robotics controller. As Arduino is to robotics and Linux is to operating systems, Ether2 will be at the center of the distributed queueing universe."

About Ether2
Ether2 is a team of technology experts, bringing to market Dr. Graham Campbell's invention of Distributed Queue Switch Architecture (DQSA), known as "The Q." The Q. is a breakthrough networking technology to be released to the open source community, which eliminates the need for routers and clears the way for far more efficient data transmission. The Q. resolves the Internet bandwidth crisis and has multiple network applications, including wireless sensor networks. With near-perfect queueing, you can add an unlimited number of users to the network without incurring additional overhead.