Eonite Releases World's Most Accurate, Lowest Latency, Lowest Power Consuming Software to Democratize Inside-Out Positional Tracking for VR and AR

PALO ALTO, CA --- Eonite announces the official availability of its Eonite Vantage Head Tracker™ software. Eonite delivers the first multi-platform software with sub-millimeter accuracy and extremely low latency, while running on a tablet-class GPU (graphics processing unit). Eonite democratizes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) by delivering inside-out positional tracking for any tethered and untethered headsets, mobile devices, robots, drones and other form factors.

Eonite Vantage Head Tracker software delivers 6DOF with sub-millimeter accuracy, extremely low latency (motion-to-photon in less than 15 milliseconds) and low power consumption.

Other features and benefits include:
•Real-time obstacle detection (both static and dynamic) to increase safety and enhance the immersive experience
•Uses one commodity depth sensor and standard processors built into the headset, which cuts down on hardware costs and simplifies the system setup
•Supports mapping and tracking through multiple rooms - localization in entire furnished homes vs. clearing a space
•Works in a variety of indoor lighting conditions to support real-world use cases
•Sensor fusion including depth and IMU (inertial measurement unit)
•Support for PC-based head-mounted displays (HMD), with support for mobile and other devices coming soon

The Eonite Vantage Head Tracker comes in addition to the Eonite Reality Insight™ Software Development Kit (SDK) and Unity plugin, which the company currently offers to select strategic partners. The SDK includes home-scale, real-time 3D scanning and reconstruction supporting persistent virtual content, occlusions and shadows. Eonite Reality Insight enables developers to create life-like mixed reality applications, and to use 3D simultaneous localization and mapping (3D SLAM) and high precision navigation for a variety of markets such as automotive, robotics and manufacturing.

To see a demo video of Eonite, go to http://bit.ly/EoniteVantage1-12-17  

For more information, go to http://www.eonite.com

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