Enfora and T-Mobile Collaborate

Richardson, TX and Bellevue, WA - Enfora, a leading global supplier of intelligent wireless networking solutions, and T-Mobile USA Inc. announced the availability of the T-Mobile embedded SIM into Enfora's Enabler III low-power embedded platforms and the Spider MT and AT—mobile tracking and asset tag platforms—used in asset management, smart energy, transportation, medical, and security applications.

Efforts will include T-Mobile USA providing embedded SIMs pre-configured with affordable wireless data connectivity for Enfora devices. Designed around low-power technology, the Spider and Enabler platforms make it possible to monitor valuable corporate assets, such as meters, trailers, containers, or medical equipment, for up to 3 years. Given the length of time these types of devices remain in the field, it also becomes essential to seamlessly manage these assets remotely. Enfora's Services Gateway includes a user-friendly middleware environment to directly connect, manage, and provision wireless devices from existing enterprise applications.

"By working with T-Mobile, we obtain access to advanced SIM technologies so that we can expand our solutions into some extended temperature environments, while at the same time, shorten the time to market with a certified, secure platform," said Jeff Newman, Chief Strategy Officer at Enfora. "Additionally, this joint solution with a non-removable SIM increases both security and industrial longevity."

Initially targeted at asset management, smart grid infrastructure, and remote monitoring solutions, the combined T-Mobile and Enfora solution offers a higher degree of reliability while reducing maintenance and support costs over traditional removable SIM card–based solutions. Customers are able to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and be ensured of the security and longevity of their application.

About Enfora
Enfora is a leading provider of wireless networking solutions that enable enterprises to access, analyze, and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets. Our solutions, consisting of embedded wireless software, network-edge wireless platforms—embedded and integrated—and enterprise software, are based on our distributed intelligent architecture that provides a valuable link between an enterprise and its remote assets. Enterprises deploy our solutions for location-based, monitoring and control, and asset management applications.