Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit from Echoflex

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Echoflex Solutions Inc.

The EEK200C from Echoflex Solutions Inc., Squamish, BC, Canada, is an evaluation kit that lets you explore EnOcean's wireless energy harvesting technologies. The kit includes a solar-powered temperature sensor, set-point adjustment and reed switch (magnet contact), and radio modules powered by solar or motion energy. Solar-powered STM sensor modules can operate even after days in complete darkness; the motion-powered PTM module is optimal for on/off/dim controls such as lighting, blinds, and master on/off switching. The TCM200C bidirectional transceiver communicates directly with associated lighting/temperature plug-ins and WinEtel software. The kit contains energy generation, energy conditioning and storage, sensor power balance, low-power timers, and a microprocessor for custom development.

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Company: Echoflex Solutions Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-324-6359

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