Energy Harvesting Development Kit from IPS

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Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) Inc.

The IPS-EVAL-EH-01 from Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) Inc., Littleton, CO, is a universal energy-harvesting evaluation kit for autonomous wireless sensors and other sub-100 mW applications. The kit includes the company's THINERGY MEC101 solid-state, rechargeable 4 V, 0.7 mAh thin-film battery; the MAX17710 power-management IC for energy harvesting and battery protection; an amorphous silicon photovoltaic solar array; an interface header and 6-pin connector compatible with popular microcontroller and low-power radio development kits from Anaren, BlueRadios, Energy Micro, Microchip, Silicon Laboratories, and Texas Instruments; and the ability to interface to any type of external ambient energy harvesting transducer. The kit accepts charge currents <1 µA.

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Company: Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 303-749-4800
Fax: 303-749-4753

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