Emotiv Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Goal

SAN FRANCISCO /PRNewswire/ -- Emotiv, the pioneer developer of Brainwear, exceeds its $1 million Kickstarter stretch goal for the Emotiv Insight, a sleek, five-channel wireless headset that reads brain waves and translates them into meaningful data to help track cognitive health. Emotiv's brainwear will be redesigned to also incorporate 6-axis inertial sensors, which will enable additional features, including head tracking and motion control.

Wearable devices have gained a lot of momentum in recent years. But most of these devices are focused on tracking physical health. Cognitive health and fitness is a key missing element up until now.

"To have a comprehensive picture of one's health, we need both cognitive and physical well being. We want to empower individuals to understand their own brain and to accelerate brain research globally," says Tan Le, CEO. "The best way to achieve this is by making the enabling technology more affordable, easier to use, and foster continued innovation by offering a development platform for developers and researchers."

The Emotiv Insight measures electrical activity from five regions of the brain around the cerebral cortex. This spatial resolution is crucial to getting EEG data that will allow you to receive more in-depth information on your brain activity. If the success of Emotiv's Kickstarter is any indication, the demand for self-driven, noninvasive, preventative options for people is increasing. People are interested in more wellness and fitness solutions to improve their quality of life and make better and more informed choices.

"We are overwhelmed with appreciation for our community and their support of our vision. We want to make quality, affordable brainwear available to everyone. The human brain is an important frontier, and together, we are opening up new possibilities," said Le.

Learn more about the Emotiv Insight visit the company's Web site.

Kickstarter Quick Facts
Emotiv reached its funding goal within 2 hours of launch. The new products and features added include "Stealth" color option and Insight Extender rechargeable battery pack. The stretch goals reached include $1 million to add inertial sensors and $1.25 million to add a microSD card reader and external event marker input channel to Insight Extender.

About Emotiv
Emotiv Lifesciences is a bioinformatics company offering a unique platform for crowd-sourced brain research. Emotiv leverages cloud computing, big data, and mobile technology to offer valuable personal insights and accelerate brain research globally.