EMI Shield Keeps A Low Profile

Laird EMI Shield

Relying on an innovative patent-pending design, Laird’s two-piece, board-level EMI shield employs a frame with drawn latch features that accommodates an assembly height as low as 1 mm. The drawn latch design allows for simple tooling and tighter tolerances to enhance structural rigidity while preserving co-planarity. It engages with openings in the cover and allows for removable attachment to the frame. The cover is attachable to, detachable from, and subsequently reattachable to the frame in confined areas without interfering with other electrical components on the PCB outside the frame. For additional information, visit http://www.lairdtech.com. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES St. Louis, MO. (888) 246-9050, option 2 [email protected] http://www.lairdtech.com

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