Embedded Trends Session at Embedded World 2019

When a leading event like Embedded World takes place, Design Engineers are always interested in the latest Embedded trends and insights.

This year, during Embedded World, the Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference 2019, hosted a session on Embedded Trends in the Open Systems Media/Embedded Computing Design theater. Two distinguished speakers presented, Chris Rommel, Vice President, VDC Research and Jacob Beningo, President, Beningo Embedded Group. Below is a recap of their talks.

Chris Rommel, Executive Vice President, VDC Research
Chris Rommel spoke on results of his ongoing market research especially the evolving IoT Device marketplace and corresponding Security requirements. His research finds that organizations are quickly moving from IoT experimentation to actively deploying IoT capabilities. IoT is enabling the creation of new device classes and end user engagement models. Market leaders are establishing best practices and processes to remain agile and ensure success. Of concern, the growing Security threats have implications and consequences to the companies, so market leaders are turning to Static Analysis Testing Tools and following full compliance using Formal Software Coding Standards.  Also, these leading companies are using Application Life Cycle Management Software Platforms as an engineering foundation for success implementing IoT complexity and Security threats. For more information, visit www.vdcresearch.com.

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Jacob Beningo, President, Beningo Embedded Group
Jacob sees the growing importance of Security and AI. He says for security right now it's important that developers start with security first and don't try to bolt it on in the end. A full security solution requires identifying the data that needs to be protected, how it can be attacked, protected and then selecting the right components such as a secure microcontroller with hardware root of trust that can implement the security strategy. 

In addition, for AI, Jacob sees general use being several years away except for teams working with audio processing and object detection and recognition. Even if teams are today not using AI, they need to start learning and understanding it so that when the time comes for them to use it, they are ready and not playing catch-up in the design process. For more information, visit www.beningo.com.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence, Security & IoT will continue to impact the Embedded Systems and Sensor markets in 2019. These topics will be covered at the upcoming 2019 Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference. We would like to thank our partners for participating in our Embedded Trends session at Embedded World and thank Open Systems Media for hosting.  

Sean Raman and I did leave time for networking and relationship building with the Embedded World team at the opening night reception.


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