Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019: SiPs Stand And Deliver In The Size Wars

(Octavo Systems)

Even though you’ve heard this a trillion times before since the day the transistor was invented, size does in fact matter. In the world of embedded systems, the smaller the better when it comes to the semiconductors and components populating the plethora of system boards.

With the ever-escalating introduction of unique applications, designs are taxing board real estate beyond space limits. Since much is invested in established board form factors, i.e., PCI, PCIe, etc., the most logical solution to size constraints is to reduce the size of the components that reside on the boards. Sometimes this is possible, most times it’s a challenge.

One highly viable candidate to win the size wars is the system-in-package (SiP). Simply described, a SiP is a batch of integrated circuits (ICs) burnt in a single silicon module or chip. The SiP performs all or most of the functions of a system, very much like a system-on-chip (SoC), which is an IC that integrates all the components of a a system into a single chip. In either case, a single chip can house enough components to free up a significant amount of space on a printed-circuit board.  

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A small sample of what a SiP can pack in a single chip.

Definitely a hot topic at the Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019 in San Jose, CA, running June 25 to 27 and co-located with Sensors Expo & Conference 2019, much can be learned by attending the conference session titled, “System-in-Package Solutions Size Wars: The Package Strikes Back.” The session, scheduled for Thursday June 27 from 10 am to 10:50 am PST, will be presented by a true expert in the field, Gene Frantz.

Gene Frantz is one of the founders and the visionary behind Octavo Systems. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer. He is also a Professor in Practice at Rice University in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Previously, Gene was the Principal Technology Fellow at Texas Instruments where he built a career finding new opportunities and building new businesses to leverage TI’s DSP technology. Through this work he became highly regarded in the industry as a leader in DSP technology.

Gene holds 48 patents, has written over 100 papers/articles and presents at conferences around the globe. He has a BSEE from the University of Central Florida, a MSEE from Southern Methodist University, and a MBA from Texas Tech University. He is also a Fellow of the IEEE.

Anticipating his initial visit to Sensors Expo and Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference, he reports, “This is our first time attending the Event.  With the continued growth and adoption of IoT and IIoT, the idea of “Smart” sensors continues to grow.  The desire to collect data from a wide range of sensors, analyze it and use it to make decisions is driving innovation in both sensor technology and embedded system technology.  System in package technology is the key to further integration of sensors and the systems they connect to.  The Sensor Expo and Conference with the addition of the Embedded Technologies portion is a premier event focused on sensors and sensor-integrated system and a perfect place to show case the new capabilities system in package brings to designers.”

About his speaking session, Gene reveals, “We will be introducing the audience to system in package technology and how it can be utilized in any embedded application.  System in package had historically been reserved for high volume consumer or very expensive applications.  This is changing with innovations developed by Octavo Systems.  Soon designers will be able to gain the advantages of smaller size, faster time to market, and lower assembly costs that System in Package provides.”

What’s the one most important insight Gene wants his attendees to walk away with? “The most important concept/revelation that we want the audience to walk away with is that System in Package solutions, tailored for their needs, is now a real option for their next design.  What was once reserved for the highest volume or the highest cost products is now available for any application.”

In addition to presenting during the conference, Mr. Frantz “will be exploring the show, attending other sessions and visiting with the exhibitors.  These interactions begin to reveal the biggest challenges in interfacing sensors to embedded systems.  Our goal is to identify common system components that can be integrated into our System in Package devices to make it easier for customers to leverage the latest sensor technology.”

Essentially, if you want to trim down your embedded designs and not end up waving a white flag in the space wars, you should do two things, one now and one later. Right now, register for the Embedded Systems & Technologies Conference 2019. Then, on Thursday June 27 from 10 am to 10:50 am PST, attend the “System-in-Package Solutions Size Wars: The Package Strikes Back” session It’s one of the best ways to lose weight……in your embedded designs.~MD


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